My Portfolio

Articulate Rise Samples

These samples are from lessons created in my work for the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. I partnered with subject matter experts to define lesson learning outcomes, revise course content, and develop the learning experience. These samples demonstrate my ability to use an eLearning tool and build interactive learning experiences for students.

Podcast Episode

For a lesson in a Personal Finance course, I needed a different way to present information to students. So I wrote a podcast episode to describe personal financial goal setting using the SMART goal method. For this episode, I recorded the audio using Quicktime, used music from the library, and then mixed everything in Garageband. You can download the episode by clicking the button below.

Lesson Unit Evaluation

This lesson unit covering Seasonal Plant-Based Cooking was created as part of a project to improve an online learning experience’s accessibility. The lesson includes an interactive element hosted on an elearning platform (Articulate Rise), assessments in a learning management system (Moodle), and instructions in the same learning management system. This assignment demonstrates my abilities to revise course content to meet the needs of a broad range of learners.

Research Paper

This assignment required students to develop their own Instructional Design model based on an analysis of the various models that were evaluated during the term. For my project, I created a model that could be used at a post-secondary culinary school that teaches primarily online. The school that I used as my case experienced rapid growth during the pandemic and the systems and processes that were previously used were not scalable. This assignment demonstrates my abilities to apply learning theories to the design of a synthesized development process and analyze current research trends.